Blog . Colorker Connect: the latest ceramic innovations in a virtual tour through Feria Valencia

Colorker Connect: the latest ceramic innovations in a virtual tour through Feria Valencia

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Supported by its sales team, the company presents its new developments for ceramic floor and wall tiles on a virtual tour through Cevisama's official headquarters. A "series" of audiovisual clips that will feature the new collections by product segment, including the recently launched Ecco and Modular Concept.

The COVID-19 pandemic did not hold the Colorker Group back, and throughout 2020 it has continued to work to offer its customers new products that allow them to recover lost time and business.

As it is not possible to attend industry fairs and events, the company has decided to reinvent itself and look for a new place and way to present its product news. Just over a year after the last edition of Cevisama, Colorker moves to Feria Valencia to record, in an incomparable setting, a virtual tour that spells out every unique feature and detail of the latest collections launched on the market. An audiovisual tour that has been created with the invaluable input of Colorker's Sales Manager, Luis Jarque; and the Area Managers Claudio Giannotti (for the Italian and German-speaking markets) and Wassim Khachan (Arabic market).

Luis Jarque, Sales Manager of Colorker Group, at the Colorker Connect presentation at Feria Valencia.

In addition to this small presentation, Jarque, Giannotti and Khachan will guide you through the new products divided into product categories. Product categories which you can discover below, as the different pieces from our ‘serial’ are revealed.

Woods: new formats and more realistic pieces

Without doubt, wood is one of the product types which has enjoyed most success in recent years. However it is a mature market where it is not easy to innovate. Through the formats available in this product category, Colorker has found a way to create more value for its customers. It has endeavoured to create more realistic designs which are able to perfectly replicate the natural product.

Watch this video and discover the new formats and new series of wood-effect tiles.

Ecco: the new generation of polished marbles

Colorker has spent years as a leader in the world of marble-effect tiles. The company is reiterating this position with the launch of ‘Ecco’. ‘Ecco’ is the result of a review of our polished porcelains offer, and it represents a significant shift in our value proposal. Extremely beautiful designs, new formats and excellent technical features which you can see in the next video. Prepare to get inspired, with new reliefs and decorative elements for wall tiles.

Technology supporting aesthetics

Throughout 2020, Colorker has deployed a programme of technology investments to use innovation to support aesthetics. The latest advances in digital printing help blend perfect designs and material effects, enhancing the realism and beauty of surfaces. Watch the next video to see what we have achieved.

Modular Concept: just like stone. New layouts

Modular Concept is a faithful reproduction of natural stone. Its beautiful design is enhanced through reliefs, textures and a combination of multiple formats, which are offered in a single package. A new type of product with high aesthetic value, added to the commercial and logistics benefits of a single pack. The perfect solution for classic revival lovers.

Click on the video to find out more.

Gatsby by Zyx: Art Deco style. Ceramic creativity for architects and interior designers

Zyx expands its universe of style and sophistication with Gatsby. An ‘Art Deco’ inspired collection which evokes a refined and elite past full of glamour. Get inspired by the next video and discover its possibilities for architecture and interior design, as well as residential and contract projects.

Now you know about all our new products in more detail, are you interested in learning more? Contact us.