A different perspective

Colorker was founded in 1987 by a group of ceramic industry entrepreneurs sharing a common goal: to create ceramic products capable of evoking emotions. Years later, Colorker has evolved and expanded its vision, becoming the Colorker Group, a business group that is currently committed to staying at the forefront of creativity and technology.

Our Story
We begin our activity in a single production plant in Alcora (Castellón, Spain) manufacturing red clay stoneware, with a daily average output of 2,000 m2
Our Story
We expand our facilities to increase production to 5,000 m2/day
Our Story
Next to the existing facilities, we build a white clay coverings and pavements plant, increasing productive capacity to 11,000 m2/day.
Our Story
A new porcelain stoneware plant comes online in Chilches (Castellón, Spain).
Our Story
We begin working on construction projects, contributing towards significant energy efficiencies with cutting-edge aesthetic effects and techniques such as Ventilated Façades.
Our Story
We become one of the first three tile makers in Castellón to incorporate injection technology in our production process, generating the brand TECKTONIA, a worldwide leader in its category.
Our Story
Constant investment in the Chilches plant leads to all production being moved there.
Our Story
Our pavement is chosen to decorate the China Pavilion at the International Exhibition of Shanghai.
Our Story
In 2011 and 2012, our drive and commitment to innovation and improvement makes us a sector benchmark as one of only five ceramics companies to obtain DAP certification on its first attempt (Type-3 eco label that assesses the product life cycle according to European regulations)
Our Story
Our international commitment is recognised for the 5th time (1994, 1998, 2002, 2006 and 2012) with the Export Prize.
Our Story
At the Coverings fair held in Las Vegas, Colorker receives the prestigious BEST IN SHOW prize out of all Spanish companies.
Our Story
In 2006, 2011 and 2015, we receive the 'Pearl ceramic' prize, an annual award that recognises the best ceramic product in the Polish market.
Our Story
At the BATIMAT fair held in Moscow, Colorker receives the Prize for best stand design. That same year, we receive the Initiative and Expansion Prize in the Company of the Year contest 2016 held by the Periódico Mediterráneo Newspaper. The group's second brand, ZYX, is also launched, conceived as a space of inspiration where architects and interior designers can find unique aesthetic and constructive solutions.
Our Story
We receive the best stand prize at BATIMAT for the second consecutive year. Together with top designers Erico Navazo, Guillermo García-Hoz and Ana Pardo de Santayana, we participate in Casa Decor. With Erico Navazo, we receive the Best Project Prize. 2017 We increase our productive capacity to more than 7,000,000 m2/year with the incorporation of a third kiln. We are the first tile company in the global ceramic sector to be included in the 'Industry 4.0' system.
Our Story
At the Saint Gobain Tiles Fair, Colorker Group receives the Private Label Award.
In Perfect Tandem

Creativity and innovation

The future of ceramics is not only found in the what, but also in the how. That is why we are committed to innovation in our systems, processes and work areas to ensure the highest quality standards. We conceive innovation and creativity as a perfect and indivisible duo through which we enhance both our work systems and the overall quality of our ceramics.

art house
A space for new ideas.

The Colorker Group is currently an open door for experimentation. Our brain power is young but expert. While staying true to our past, we build on our experience, reinventing ourselves constantly with a strong international outlook.

Within Colorker Group is a group of creators that contribute to the development of architectural projects and interior and general design with inspiring tools and a brand experience that transcends our products.

Our 3 pillars


Our creative process is based on a keen sense of our surroundings and on an understanding of the
latest trends. Thanks to this, we create products that inspire and develop the potential of other projects.


We are a company that always looks towards the future, both in our processes and in our technology, corporate culture and our way of understanding the industry.


We cannot conceive of our business without direct contact with our clients. However, we always go one step further. We connect with companies and talents from any discipline, we establish alliances and synergies, we actively listen and take in each person's vision. Our public's opinion matters to us.