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Warmth inspired by nature

Wood takes us right back to our beginnings. Find your ideal texture with our imitation wood tiles.

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Imitation wood porcelain and ceramic tiles

Pure nature. Graphics taken from the most remote and disparate forests around the world. Imitation wood tiles have long been one of the main options chosen by architects and interior designers for floor and wall coverings, not only indoors but...

Imitation wood porcelain and ceramic tiles

Pure nature. Graphics taken from the most remote and disparate forests around the world. Imitation wood tiles have long been one of the main options chosen by architects and interior designers for floor and wall coverings, not only indoors but also outdoors.

Their perfect imitation of natural timber, with its infinite details, knots and grains, means that each imitation wood tile provides spaces full of warmth and cosiness, intensifying the sensation of comfort and vintage character. Just like feeling and breathing real home. Colorker's latest technology applied to the ceramic manufacturing process has also allowed the wood effect porcelain tile to be a totally reliable imitation of real wood, not only in terms of its appearance, but also for its pleasantness to the touch. The latest innovations have also made it possible to create wood-effect tiles with a wide variety of graphics for different decorative styles. From the most linear and light porcelain tiles with hardly any veins and knots, to the most worn and seemingly weathered designs, where every scratch and "flaw" is valued and beautiful. When it comes to colours, the options are also never-ending. Whichever decoration you choose for your project, you will find the perfect imitation wood tile for it, as there are chromatic options ranging from the most intense or reddish colours, such as wenge or woods inspired by tropical trees, to more natural and lighter shades, and even grey imitation wood tiles.

Timeless and always trendy, imitation wood ceramics is a mature product range, where innovation is no easy task. Colorker has managed to go further in terms of aesthetics, colours and also formats, launching everything from standard formats to best-seller sizes such as 23x120 and 25x150. A vast catalogue of wood type tiles which, thanks to their naturalness, will brighten up your rooms.

Imitation wood flooring

If we take a look at the applications of imitation wood ceramics, we will see that any room is suitable for this authentic effect, as well as any use. Porcelain tiles in imitation wood flooring, thanks to their technical properties, make ceramic wood tiles highly resistant and durable, and keep them looking as good as new over time. Wood that looks like everlasting wood.

Without sacrificing any of their real wood appearance, imitation wood floors are also easy to clean and maintain, and their installation is simple and practical. Check out our product catalogue to see which porcelain wood-look flooring best fits in with your needs and preferences.

Imitation wood effect wall tiles

All our wood effect tiles are ideal for installation on walls. Do you want a 'total wood' room with wood-effect wall tiles? No problem. You'll find warmth and cosiness everywhere. However, you can also choose to go for contrasts and install a wood-look porcelain floor with stone or cement-effect tiles on the walls; or the other way around.

Another alternative option is to install an imitation wood floor and combine it with embossed wood cladding. 100% Colorker essence collections such as Linnear or Tangram with embedded graphics and embossing are already the perfect pairing in many living room, bathroom or kitchen projects around the world.

Imitation wood tiles for bathrooms

The bathroom is perhaps the room in your home that requires the most comfort and warmth. Wood-look porcelain tiles have always been the latest trend in bathrooms, but in the age of 'ME TIME' (or finding and enjoying time for oneself) they are even more so. This type of aesthetic for floors (or even wall coverings) is ideal for the bathroom because of its authentic, natural character. The characteristics of porcelain tiles also provide a total guarantee of durability and safety in such a challenging environment as the bathroom.

One of the decorative options that Colorker woods offer to interior design is to combine imitation wood flooring with geometric ceramic wood embossing on the front of the washbasin or shower. Ready to create the 'perfect match'?

Imitation wood-look kitchen tiles

Kitchens also give in to porcelain wood for its ability to make spaces 'more ours'. Choose a ceramic wood floor, a total wood look or even integrate it into the backsplash. Meetings and meals with family and friends in the cosiest corner in the world.

Imitation wood outdoor flooring

Colorker's wood-look porcelain tiles make it possible to create integrated and continuous indoor and outdoor spaces because of their technical specifications. Some of the company's series include the GRIP+ anti-slip R11/C/Class 3 version for terraces and exteriors, as well as the double thickness Duplo option which can even be installed on gravel, grass or sand.

The Deck wood decking effect outdoor flooring is another of the most suitable solutions to use on your terrace flooring. Check out its embossed, grooved details like real decking that can be installed even in swimming pool environments.

Imitation wood porcelain flooring is also an ideal material for contract projects. Select a flooring in this style for your hotel, restaurant and chill out area.

Does your project have stairs? No problem, as most of Colorker's wood effect tile collections include steps as special pieces.

Do you want more information about wood-effect ceramics? Contact us.