Innovation in our DNA

Research to continuously improve products, installation systems, processes and, in short, all aspects of our work, are crucial factors for competing in a globalised world.


The innovative spirit is present in all our departments.


art innovation

Colorker Group has its own R&D&I Department, responsible for research into new aesthetic trends and the latest ceramic manufacturing techniques.

This department works together with our suppliers to develop the engineering of new products. The R&D&I department also works in concert with our Product Design and Development department on the aesthetic developments which feature the latest trends and innovation.  


In its search for the best product quality, our company invests heavily in research and development.


This intense R&D&I activity is reflected in following achievements:

• Development and patent of an integral stair system capable of supporting a double load.

• Development and patent of a device system for the application of thin elements on cladded façades.

art chip
Industry 4.0

Colorker Group is at the forefront in the ceramic sector in the implementation of an industry 4.0 system.

We are currently immersed in Project CEBRA (CEramic BRAin) in collaboration with the Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC) thanks to public funding granted by the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE).


The aim of the project is to create a system that will enable us to transform our traditional ceramic production plant into an industry 4.0 smart manufacturing facility. 

To achieve this, MOM software will be developed (Manufacturing Operations Management) together with digital enabling tools such as Big Data, IoT (Internet of Things) or Machine Learning, which will integrate all the systems in the factory, consolidating all relevant data in one location.


With industry 4.0 we promote Collaborative Intelligence, gathering and analysing data more optimally and transforming it into accurate, applicable information in real time, which facilitates better, faster commercial decision-making.


With industry 4.0 we are increasingly capable, not just of solving problems faster, but also of optimising innovation. Without a doubt, this contributes to enhanced productivity and quality and helps meet demand more precisely and profitably.


This production traceability system transforms end products into intelligent products. Every ceramic tile has a unique identification code that promotes the best results.


We obtain a top-quality end product.

We are aware at all times how the tiles have been manufactured, which enables optimisation and constant improvement in our processes.

This reduces the manufacturing and marketing period required for new products, otherwise known as Time to Market.