Business culture

COLORKER stands out as a workplace where people develop their activity in a tight-knit and professional atmosphere, one that is committed and dynamic, demanding and collaborative.

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We work to offer quality ceramic solutions, in a way that is dynamic and close to the client, through different commercial brands, with an international outlook and based on two premises: positioning and value.

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To be a benchmark in the ceramic sector through excellence in all aspects of our work flow, generating value and continuing to satisfy all stakeholders.



An uncompromising commitment to quality for our clients.

Ethics, professionalism and team work.

Constant improvement and the highest standards of quality.

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Committed to our employees

Thanks to significant investments in facilities and equipment, we offer stable, quality and ongoing employment. We constantly expand our team in the context of our growth as a company and, as a result of our openness to the future, create job profiles that have never existed before.


Our employment policy is formed in line with our Strategic Plan, where our fundamental committment to growth is based on respect for the values and culture of the Colorker Group: ethics, professionalism and team work.

We continuously work towards the satisfaction of all our employees, through training, professional development, conciliation measures, life and workplace insurance, job stability, medical examinations and a hand of friendship at special moments (the birth of children etc).


We are currently working towards the implementation of an Equity Plan that, once enacted, will highlight the company's drive to be a sector benchmark in terms of our commitment to equal opportunities in the workplace for men and women.

Do you want to be part of the Colorker Group family?
If you are interested in being par of our team of professionals, you will find below our human resources contact form.
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Colorker Group knows we are able to grow in a sustainable way by investing in human capital and in our relationship with the environment and the society around us. We maintain our commitment by collaborating with solidarity projects such as the Multiplica por la Infancia Programme, developed by Unicef SPAIN.

Companies participating in the Multiplica programme, such as the Colorker Group, donate in benefit of schools in Africa. The initiative was founded in 2004 to create Escuelas Amigas de la Infancia, in which children are provided a secure environment in which to learn and play. The programme also assists schools with water supply, health, diet and sanitary facilities.