We are addicted to nature

We are committed to our environment and the future of our planet.  

For this reason, our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our operations includes ensuring both our own facilities and product design contribute to reduced energy consumption.

These are some of the areas contained in our Environmental Management Plan, which has allowed us to obtain the various environmental certifications that demonstrate Colorker Group's positive stance towards reducing its environmental footprint as much as possible.


DAPconstrucción® Certification is part of the EPD ecolabelling programme pioneered in the Spanish construction industry. It follows European and regulated guidelines for ISO standards 14025 and 15804 (the Spanish standard guaranteeing the legal protection of the environmental and human health):

- Maximum care of natural resources and raw materials, optimising their use and minimising waste residues.

- Processing of previously minimised waste residues to minimise harm to people and the environment.

- A customised recycling plan for each of our factories.

- Regular environmental improvement studies.

Environmental transparency in the construction sector allows technicians and professionals to select products according to environmental criteria, beyond their aesthetic, economic and functional qualities.


VOC A+ Certification

This certification is essential for introducing any product used in interiors into the French market. Each product must be labelled according to its emissions of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), since emissions of chemicals into the air are generated by products used in indoor environments.


CE Marking

This is an indicator of product compliance with EU legislation. Colorker has the CE MARKING, which ensures the validity of products for sale throughout the European economic area (EEE), Iceland, Norway and Lichtenstein (EFTA) and Turkey. As such, our company's products are tested before being introduced in these markets and must satisfy legal requirements to be sold.


In force from 2002, products with China Compulsory Certification (CCC) can be imported, sold and/or used in China. Two noteworthy elements of China Compulsory Certification (CCC) are product testing (products to be certified are sent to laboratories in China) and factory audits (inspections of product manufacturers by Chinese auditors).

CERTIFICATION for Arab countries

This compulsory certificate states that products and/or manufacturing processes comply with national standards issued and adopted by the Organisation of Standardisation, Metrology and Quality of Saudi Arabia (SASO). They are therefore necessary for customs clearance for imported goods

UKRAINE Certification

This is a quality certificate for products imported to the Ukraine. This document is required to establish reputability in the national market. It is required by all manufacturers in or exporting to Ukraine.



We also received financial support from the IVACE through an industrial energy savings and efficiency programme 2017.


Grant received: € 94,695.49

The project involves the substitution/modification of 5 wet grinders with 3 dry grinders with the same production capacity and less energy consumption. Besides the grinders, the project also involved the installation of necessary vacuum filters.

After completion, emissions of atmospheric pollutants have been reduced.. The percentage of energy saved is estimated at 50% on the production lines affected.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Colorker obtains Quality Management System certification under the standard ISO 9001:2015, the most prestigious in the field. This certification, audited by AENOR, encompasses the design, development, manufacturing and sales processes for ceramic tiles. This new milestone attests once again to the outstanding commitment of Colorker to efficiently managing its processes in order to boost customer satisfaction; enhance people's lifestyles and ensure future profitability and sustainability.