Blog . Colorker presents the showroom of the future in 360º

Colorker presents the showroom of the future in 360º

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The company is exploring new ways to digitally showcase its latest releases to customers. A new 360º showroom concept that allows you to view the latest floor and wall tile collections integrated into different public and private spaces in full detail.

Colorker Group has not only been working tirelessly to launch new wall and floor tile collections onto the market. The multinational ceramic company is exploring new ways of digitally showcasing its latest releases to customers, characterised now, more than ever, by an exclusive design and high quality standards.

This is LUX 360º, Colorker's new virtual space

In a sector that has suffered in recent months for the lack of international design events and fairs, Colorker has created a new and exclusive 360º digital showroom.

A virtual exhibition where you can explore different new releases arranged into boxes, like in a real sample. But the user is offered a comprehensive digital experience, allowing them to access colour changes, extensive technical information, the image carousel and download catalogues from each box. It also includes access to the magnifying glass function in some rooms to view details of the design, 3D videos to view the reliefs with maximum realism, and additional 360º scenes, showing the product in real rooms, such as kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor spaces. This is all accompanied by exquisite interior design work by design professionals.

Showroom virtual LUX 360Additional 360º scene in the Colorker Deck collection. New series viewed as never before in real rooms.

How to boost sales during a pandemic

Beyond being a source of inspiration, the Colorker virtual showroom is designed to be a powerful sales tool. The platform includes a video call service that will allow the sales team to connect with its customers and accompany them on a guided tour throughout the stand. A pioneering communication and sales channel that allows professionals and customers to see the product applied in real rooms with all the guarantees of quality and high definition.

Inspiration which leads the way for the design of the future

Colorker's new virtual showroom has been designed from a functional and intuitive point of view. From a futuristic scene that simulates the stand's reception, the user will have access to the different new releases arranged into boxes. A linear tour with access to both sides, where the user can easily navigate to discover everything that inspires them. They will also have a side menu on the right side of the screen so that, if they know the brand's new release or collection, they can access it directly without going through the tour.

Showroom virtual LUX 360Interior of the Colorker stand. The right-hand side menu allows them to go to selected collections without having to complete the entire tour.

Showroom virtual LUX 360Interior of the box for the new Takara collection. From here they can access the catalogue, extensive product information, 3D video and additional environments.

The virtual experience is called LUX. A concept that reinforces the avant-garde feel of the stand, where the LED lights are the main stars. Light has always been a tool for guiding, viewing and moving forward. Light that guides the path to the design of the future, thanks to Colorker's ceramic innovations.

More technical and realistic proposals inspired by natural materials. This is the new Colorker 2021 catalogue

Colorker draws on its innovation in ceramic manufacturing technology to reinvent its collections and launch new ones that add greater value to design projects. The Ecco series of polished marbles is expanded with new reliefs, decorations and coordinated wall tiles, whose play of light and shadow is an exquisite option for interior design. This is the case for Da Vinci or Calacatta Gold.

As new releases, the firm presents series such as Horizon, a more minimalist and stylistic version of slate in a very stony finish, or Kaira, a wood in the bestseller 25x150 format whose grain and knots 100% reflect the very essence of wood.

Novedades Colorker 2021 KairaKaira collection, one of Colorker's new ceramic woods full of nature and nuances.

Verona is another series that Colorker has launched that is popular amongst customers. Inspired by the beauty of Jura stone, this stone-inspired collection stands out for its exclusivity and its unique reliefs and decorations. While Veneto is unique thanks to a delicate and elegant horizontal relief, Botania outlines the silhouette of leaves on its surface with flawless realism and depth thanks to the glossy ink. Fontana Mix is a pure plant design, characterised by highlighted grain, where the green inks blend exquisitely with subtle touches of gold.

▸ More inspiration in the Colorker 2021 new products catalogue.

See LUX 360º by Colorker.