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Romantic Style: Awakening the Senses

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When we talk about decoration, we usually hear little tricks to achieve a minimalist, modern or classic style. Even now we have heard repeatedly the Nordic or Scandinavian style. But there are also many other styles that not only flood all our spaces, but are compatible trends with other styles and which we can adapt to any type of space.

In this case, we will talk about the romantic style as a way to appeal to the senses to create warm, cozy and timeless spaces. This trend is characterized by delicate details with a fresh and contemporary touch.

We are going to explain step by step what this type of decoration consists of because, beyond what many believe, the romantic style is not only decoration with flowers and pastel colors, adorned with the occasional ruffle. No. The romantic style goes much further. It consists of taking care of the small details to awaken all the senses and that the space transmits elegance and comfort.


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What colors do we use?

The quintessential colors of the romantic style are a wide range of pastel colors. It is important to focus on a neutral palette with which to paint the small details. Beige tones are ideal for walls and floors as they will add an extra touch of warmth. At the same time, it is very important to add small touches of pink or light blue colors that will transmit the necessary dose of calm. The combination of pastel colors with neutral tones will give warmth and provide balance so that our space does not look overly saturated.

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Romantic furniture

Although the origins of the romantic style used very baroque and ornate furniture, today this trend has evolved. Nowadays, we opt for furniture that is characterized by rounded shapes, soft lines and a slightly antique design. Modern and vintage pieces tend to be a very common element in this type of decoration.

If we opt for wooden furniture, it is preferable that they are light tones. Romantic style furniture is timeless and sophisticated, so we will flee from flashy and overloaded elements.

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Key elements

Within the world of decoration, there are two elements that are directly related to the romantic style. The quintessential symbol of this trend is flowers, whether they are floral prints or if we use them as a decorative element. Secondly, marble is an element that reminds us of luxury but remains current, without losing the essence.

On the other hand, we can find other types of materials that also transmit luxury and sophistication, such as velvet, silk or cotton.

Finally, we must make one of small metallic decorative accessories that give us that romantic touch, such as wrought iron, copper or silver tones.


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The materials must transmit luxury and sophistication, the most used are velvet, silk, satin or cotton.

We must not forget that the bases of the romantic style are elegance, softness and delicacy, therefore, we must not overload the rooms. We must maintain a line of soft colors without using others that are too lively. The most important thing is that this style can be used in a complementary way with other styles.

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Lighting is another elementary aspect in the romantic decoration, because to maintain the warmth that characterizes this style, it is very important that the bulbs are yellow to create a warm and intimate atmosphere. Another of the elements that we see very present in this type of decorations are the candles, an element that beyond being decorative, can provide us with a touch of subtle and soft light, which will fit perfectly with our decor.