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Woods, marbles, stones, cements and ceramics all feature in our collection for Cersaie 2018 and all of them developed with our brand's characteristic eye for detail. Especially notable is Colorker's commitment to its new NAWAN product line, which features polished tiles in stunning 90x90 and 75,5x151 formats. This product line also features collections such as Omnia, with a prominent vein design in continual transformation and presented in minimalist black and white in accordance with the latest interior design and decoration trends.

One of our brand's most popular wood products is Colonial, which provides a rustic country feel with its slightly worn and stripped treatment. Another notable wood product is Woodsense, with a more refined and distinguished character that comes in a 25x150 format, a new product feature for Colorker. We also present our Way products, with their spike design in a large 75x150 format.

Coliseum and Quorum, two new marble collections, will also be present to show their potential at the upcoming edition of Cersaie. With a special appeal is the Royal design from the Quorum series. Royal is a polished product (NAWAN) in a 90x90 format, characterised by its geometric design and colour mix, creating especially attractive floors with multiple placement possibilities and giving this marble a highly creative quality. This marble flooring will crown one of the central areas of our stand, conferring an updated neoclassical aspect for the delight of our visitors.

Kainos is Colorker's latest offering with regard to stone flooring, a collection that looks to break the mould and experiment with a fusion of materials. From this idea, Kainos is a stone in which traces of cement, marble and granite can be detected, using the latest technology to achieve highly realistic effects and balanced colours. Our Holos and Strata designs showcase these qualities perfectly.

In cement products, Colorker has carried out a study of reliefs with its new collection Bloom, a product line in which volume plays a key role in defining its personality. 'Arty', our new collection of timeless white mock cement features a satin finish that, together with the reliefs, make this collection an ideal product for neutral wall coverings with a distinctive light touch.

 Amazonia: our most refreshing collection

With a marked tropical character and some traits that pay homage to an artisanal aesthetic, Amazonia is the latest addition to the ZYX collection. Its attractive proposal with regards to both its colours and design make Amazonia a real 'tropical-trend' product that invites us to dive into a fresh aesthetic with mystical nuances, as if taken from a lost paradise. Coming in both square and hexagonal formats, this collection is the first porcelain to form part of the ZYX collection, opening its possibilities for use as both cladding and flooring.

At Cersaie, Amazonia will be given a central position in order to fully showcase its carefully crafted sensory qualities and convey the full extent of the remarkable creative achievement this collection represents. 

A renewed identity, a new personality

Making good use of our Italian settings, the company will officially unveil for the first time the restyling of our brand and our new website. Colorker's new motto —“Time to inspire”— demonstrates our drive to more closely capture the latest trends and to constantly seek out inspiration, both for our products and for our clients. The new Colorker is firmly committed to digital marketing and to the potential of social media to connect with our target market. The ZYX collection will also be presented with a new look and slogan —“Elevate your difference”— representing a bold step forward in our mission to help the work of architects, interior designers and decorators looking for somethingdifferent in the industry to reach their maximum potential.