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Colorker Group returns to Casa Decor
along with four interior design studios


Colorker Group returns to Casa Decor
along with four interior design studios


Colorker Group is returning for the second consecutive year to Casa Decor, collaborating on this occasion with four interior design studies that have placed their trust in its products in order to breathe life into their different projects.


The proposals include the one created by Studio Viteri-Lapeña, which has been able to reinvent the concept of “public bathrooms”, creating an intimate, elegant and unique space, through which visitors are invited to discover the details of a closed space. Viteri-Lapeña has availed of Colorker´s exclusive polished gravels for the occasion, with its Heritage series.


“Makeup Room”, is another of the proposals led by the trio Cristina Berrocal, Mayte Fernández and Belén Cogolludo, involving the company´s products, with its Wonderwood paving crowning the floor of the room. This proposal creates a dream space with a dressing table, along with harmonious colours providing warmth and elegance.


The Impar Studio, in turn, is presenting its unique “ballroom” concept at The Corner Group Space. This is an unconventional space where sensorial experience takes precedence. Inspired by the decorative art and the performing arts of the early 20th century, while adopting a 21st century approach, the interior design studio used Evoke, a series by ZYX, a new Colorker Group brand, which thanks to its peculiar triangular shapes adds three-dimensionality to the room, along with design and an innovative touch of light.


The fourth proposal, created by Soledad Ordóñez and her studio Bon Temps-Les Espaces, transports visitors to a corridor where style clearly makes the difference. Despite the peculiarities of the space, the interior designer manages to capture a transgressive idea, with asymmetry and irregularities that she grapples with excellently. Soledad placed her trust in a commitment to value, namely Odissey Saphire, by the Colorker brand. This is one of the tile maker´s most highly valued marbles.


Colorker Group won a prize in its first appearance at Casa Decor


Last year, the first that Colorker Group participated in Casa Decor, the company enjoyed outstanding success. Alongside the interior designer Erico Navazo, it was awarded the 2017 Best Project Prize by the jury, with a bathroom that surprised with its exquisite proposal in the Colorker Group-Azulejos Peña Space, which resulted in a magnificent staging of its two brands, Colorker and ZYX.


The company returns with very fond memories and hopes to really enhance the different spaces it has collaborated on at this edition, through it

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